INVENTORIES / CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT. This report is very important. This is how we all see the property’s condition and if any works may be required. We will and must always have a Check-in report and Check-out report. This is to help protect the tenant at the end of the tenancy.

GAS/ ELECTRIC/EPC LEGISLATION Due to legislation, the Gas, Elec and EPC must be renewed on the renewal dates – we will contact you to arrange a suitable time, we will give you 24 hours’ notice.

MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY AND NON-EMERGENCY. If there is a problem within the property, in particular anything to do with, Water, Electric, Gas. These may be deemed as an emergency. If you have an emergency, you should contact us on 07900885555. If the problem is not an emergency, then you should email us at hello@eps.properties

TENANT’S HELP IS OUT THERE. If you need further advice on anything, please do contact us directly. 01223 414400 or hello@eps.properties. You can also contact Citizen Advice Bureau and you can find other help on the internet and at HMRC website.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. If you are worried about anything, have a problem that you may need to discuss, you can contact us at any time by email. Please use hello@eps.properties

We are committed and promise to respond to your email request the same day.

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